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Military Veterans: "Post-9/11" Education Benefits-Money Available Now! 

State of West Virginia High School Equivalency Diploma Scholarship A scholarship program administered by the West Virginia Department of Education is offered annually to WV high school equivalency diploma graduates. You may complete an application if you

  • are a high school equivalency graduate
  • are a resident of West Virginia
  • show financial need based upon FAFSA application
  • have been accepted or are enrolled full-time (12 or more hours) in school
  • Deadline: April
  • See the online application for additional information 

For questions about the scholarship and application, or more for information, call: 1-800-642-2670; or (304) 558-0280.  


West Virginia State-Level Financial Aid Programs

The 4 links below associated with the webpage immediately above — on the site of the College Foundation of West Virginia (CFWV )— are very trustworthy, and are sponsored by the WV Council for Community and Technical College Education and the WV Higher Education Policy Commission. It offers links to West Virginia specific scholaships: Scholarships

This organization has a very good reputation—its president is Gaston Caperton, a former West Virginia governor. The site provides a variety of tools to analyze college costs and financial aid needs, as well as a comprehensive scholarship search engine.


A reputable website with many scholarships available to sudents in West Virginia, this organization bills itself as "West Virginia's leading souce for finding scholarship money." 

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This website provides many useful tools that you may find helpful in making applications for scholarships, including a webpage that offers what it calls comprehensive reviews of other leading scholarship search websites. You may find their reviews useful, but you should also realize that they are reviewing their own competitors, some of which are listed below:

 Additional websites offering scholarship search engines:



The websites below provide tips and techniques for writing the scholarship applications essay:

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Scholarship Tools on the Web

Eastern provides these website links as a convenience for students, and — with the exception of the links listed directly under College Foundation of West Virginia — in doing so does not suggest or imply any endorsement or recommendation regarding their services. Most of these services require you to fill out online forms with personal information — some more than others. (And when interacting on the Web, you should  always be careful about what kinds of information you provide online, because online identity theft is a very real and dangerous occurrence.)

Also, unless you check or uncheck the appropriate box before you submit an online form, they may send you their own newsletters and solicitations, and/or distribute your email address to their advertisers.

A good strategy is to open up a free email account with one of the large email services (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) so you can dedicate an email address only to your scholarship searches. That way you will not clutter up your regular account with emails from advertisers.