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Email and Campus Computer Login

Off-Campus Request: Call the college at 304-434-8000 if you are unable to access your college email ( and request IT support. You may also contact the following staff members and ask them to direct your email access request to IT:

On-Campus Request: If you are at the college,  stop by the front desk and request assistance to help access your email or if you are unable to log in to a campus computer.

How-To Video: Here is a video that illustrates how you can log in to your email and access Microsoft Office 365 applications:

You can also refer to the full Student Email/Office 365 information page on the college website for more information.




Eastern’s Blackboard Help Desk assists students who are having technical difficulties with Blackboard, the website-based platform for courses.

On- or Off-Campus Request: If you are having difficulty accessing or using Blackboard, contact:

Include the following information if you email for assistance or if you leave a voice mail message:

  • Complete description of the problem (include screenshots if possible)
  • Your full name
  • Course and section number
  • Instructor's name

WVNET, Eastern’s Blackboard provider, also offers a 24/7/365 help desk for students to supplement Eastern’s staff. Students can use the WVNET Help Desk tab (located near the top right corner of the screen) in Blackboard, or they can call the WVNET help desk at 304-293-5192 x 248 for Blackboard assistance.

Students should also be aware Blackboard will be offline for a few hours (from 12 midnight to 4 a.m.) every Monday morning for maintenance. It will not be available during those hours.

How-To Video: Need help logging into Blackboard? Here is a how-to video for logging in:

Students can also refer to the Blackboard information page on the college website.


Eastern's Blackboard Login Page




Respondus Lockdown Browser

Some instructors are now requiring the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser for some tests, quizzes and assignments in Blackboard. The test/quiz/assignment will clearly say: "Requires Respondus Lockdown Browser."

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special browser, customized for Eastern, that takes a student directly to our Blackboard login page. The browser also provides the instructor with controls that limit the use of other websites or applications while Lockdown Browser is in use.

Watch a video from Respondus to see an Introduction to Respondus Lockdown Browser.

If you are using a classroom or computer lab computer at Eastern: Respondus Lockdown Browser already has been installed on campus computers. Just look for the Lockdown Browser shortcut on the computer's desktop.

If you are doing an assignment at home, or using a personal laptop while on campus: you will need to install Respondus Lockdown Browser on your computer. The installation file can be found at this link: Respondus Lockdown Browser Installer

How-To Video: You can also watch the video below to see the installation process and see  Lockdown Browser being used to take a quiz.




Another tool that is now available in Blackboard is Readspeaker, which provides text-to-speech functions, as well as additional reading and highlighting tools.

Here are two documents you can download to help you use Readspeaker in your classes.

Here are links to two videos that show examples of Readspeaker being used.



MEDIAL in Blackboard

MEDIAL is a tool embedded in the text editor in Blackboard that allows for the submission of audio and video files, and also provides audio and video recording capabilities using the computer's webcam and/or microphone.

How-To Video: If a student is asked to submit Blackboard assignments or discussion forum posts using audio and video, please review this video demonstration to see how to use the MEDIAL tool: