Administrative Support Technology

Associate in Applied Science: 59 - 60 credit hours

The goal of the Administrative Support Technology Program is to give students the skills to work in administrative support positions. Graduates of the program will be better prepared as employees to perform the duties of administrative assistants and/or secretaries to meet the business needs of their employers. Students with little or no experience in office information technology will have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will make them valuable to many employers. Students currently employed in office-related occupations will have the opportunity to increase professional skills.

A degree in Administrative Support Technology typically prepares graduates for such occupations as office manager, administrative support professional and entry-level positions in bookkeeping. This program serves the students with the opportunity to specialize in either general or medical administrative support technology.

(Eastern also offers a College Certificate Program in Administrative Support Technology that requires 30 credit hours of coursework or equivalents, well as shorter Skill Set course sequences that offer 9 - 12 credit hours for those interested in acquiring or strengthening select Administrative Support technical skills for the workplace or job market.)

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Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Manage an office setting
  • Supervise office staff
  • Process and receive communication
  • Coordinate events and activities
  • Maintain office and business records
  • Maintain office supplies and equipment
  • Design informational materials
  • Assist in budgeting process
  • Demonstrate effective communication and computational skills
  • Utilize software programs
  • Assist in entry-level bookkeeping, billing and accounting

General Area of Emphasis:

  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal relations in the work environment
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of business organizations and procedures
  • Demonstrate effective administrative skills to support office operations

Medical Area of Emphasis:

  • Describe the legal, social, and ethical responsibilities within the environment
  • Perform administrative medical procedures
  • Apply correct medical terminology to all specialties of medicine
  • Demonstrate competency in basic medical billing and coding

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Program Implementation: Full-time day. (Students attending part-time should see advisor for recommended course sequencing.)

Recommended Course Sequence: Administrative Support Technology

Associate in Applied Science: 62 hours

Program Map

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 Administrative Support Technology: Certificate: 30 Credit Hours

Upon successful completion of the Administrative Technology Support program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Manage an office setting
  • Process and receive communication
  • Demonstrate effective communication and computational skills
  • Design informational materials

Program Implementation:  Full-time day (Students attending part-time should see advisor for recommended course sequencing).

Recommended Course Sequence -- Administrative Support Technology

Program Map

Students enrolled in this program may be eligible for related Skill Set Certifications.  Students should contact their academic program adviser or refer to the Skill Set section in this catalog (page 81) for additional information.

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