• TELEPHONE: To telephone any Eastern Staff member, call 304-434-8000; or toll-free: 877-982-2322, then:
    •  Ask for the extension next to the person's name below. (Please note new extensions as of May 29, 2015.); OR
    • To dial an extension directly: First dial the star (*), and then the 4-digit extension next to a staff or faculty member's name below: for example,. *9555
  • FAX: To send a fax: 304-434-7000.
  • EMAIL: To send an email to any listed Eastern Staff or Faculty member, click on the name in red below. Please note Eastern staff’s new email addresses. 
    [After May, 2015, Eastern's Outlook system will not forward emails sent to Eastern staff’s old email accounts. New email addresses: Most staff Eastern email accounts will have the format:]



Backus, Debra H.
Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning

Baldwin, William, ext. 9257
Manager of Technology Services

Bogan, Connie, ext. 9411 (old number: 304-257-1660)
Program Assistant

Bolyard, Charles, ext. 9261
Student Program Advisor

Branson, Morgan, ext. 9237
Public Relations Manager

Branson, Trina, ext. 9224
Business Office Administrator

Brehm, Geoffrey, ext. 9240
Telecommunications Network Specialist I

Chandler, Nikki, ext. 9244
Full-Time Math Instructor

Cole, Edward, ext. 9243
Program Coordinator for Admissions and Financial AId

Colebank, Kristen, ext. 9266
Instructional Technology Specialist



Degnan, Ann, ext. 9262
Academic Program Coordinator

Duling, Diana, ext. 9250
Accounting Assistant I/Cashier

Fuhr, Thomas, ext. 9233
Interim Dean of Community Engagement and Partnerships

Galatic, John, ext. 9225
Executive Dean of Administrative Services

Hakala, Curtis, ext. 9238
Dean of Teaching and Learning 

Hamilton, Ron, ext. 9226;  or: (304) 293-5192 ext. 283 
Chief Information Officer

Kapp, Joseph

Landis, Jill, ext. 9265 
Nursing Program Director/Faculty

Layton, Debi, ext. 9242
TANF Instructional Specialist



McGee, Joe, ext. 9232

Metzer, Tina
New Biz Launchpad

Michael, Sherry, ext. 9264
Education Programs Coordinator

Mirkhani, Seyed, ext. 9259
Division Chair for Business, Computer and Information Technology/Faculty

Murphy, Shirley, ext. 9274

O'Leary, Michael, ext.9230
President's Office Administrator

Oliverio, Anthony, ext. 9263
Science Faculty/Biological and Environmental Technology (B.E.T.) Program Coordinator

Phillips, Dominic, ext. 9271
Division Chair, General Studies/English Faculty/Assessment Facilitator

Putze, Eric, ext. 9412
Advanced Technology/Wind Energy Faculty

Reyes, Kristen, ext. 9247
Administrative/Accounts Payable Assistant

See, Barbara, ext. 9268
Nursing Administrative Secretary

Shockey, Melissa, ext. 9253
Program Coordinator, Workforce Education

Shockey, Vera, ext 9234
Adult Basic Education Coordinator/Instructor, Hardy County

Shreve, LeeAnn, ext. 9226
America's Promise 220 Outreach Specialist

Snyder, Jaennae, ext. 9275
Payroll Representative/HR Assistant III

Sunryder, Jennifer, ext. 9222
Front Desk Receptionist


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Terrell, Charles D., ext. 9227

Vanmeter, Alicia, ext 9267
Full-Time Nursing Instructor

Webb, Megan, ext. 9231
Dean of Advancement and Innovation

Wilson, Monica, ext. 9235
Dean of Student Access and Success