High School Student

High School Students Who Wish to Take College Classes

During any semester of their junior or senior years, high school students may attend Eastern on a part-time basis as Early Entrance students. Early Entrance students who successfully complete college-level courses may use the credits towards a College Certificate, an Associate Degree and graduation at Eastern — or choose to transfer the credits to other colleges and universities.

To qualify for admission to the Early Entrance Program, students must submit in duplicate (one copy to Eastern and one to the student) a completed special Early Entrance Admissions Application. (Students under the age of 18 must have the approval and include the signature of parents or guardians.)

Students must also submit an Early Entrance Course Authorization and Responsibility Form in duplicate (one copy to Eastern, and one to the student's parent or guardian) with the application form. This form identifies the class(es) you plan to take, provides parental authorization for tuition payment, and authorizes the release of college grade information to the student's high school. Early Entrance students must meet pre-requisite test scores before registering for any college-level English or math course.

For more information about pre-requisites and the program, contact Chip Bolyard, Eastern’s Student Program Advisor, by email, or telephone (304-434-8000; or 877-982-2322, ext. 9261).

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Early Entrance Admissions Application 
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