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Transfer Eastern Credits Out: Core Coursework Transfer Agreement

Eastern recognizes and follows the statewide policy that undergraduate core coursework completed at any of West Virginia's public colleges and universities is transferable as General Studies credit  to all other West Virginia public colleges and universities for credit with the grade already earned. (See: "West Virginia Core Coursework Transfer Agreement 2020-2021". 

Under that agreement, which governs all public colleges and universities in West Virginia, students who earn credits at Eastern in the areas of English composition, communications and literature, mathematics, natural science and social science, may transfer that coursework as equivalent General Studies credit to any West Virginia public college or university. (On a case-by case basis, other colleges and universities may also accept additional credits for coursework completed at Eastern: the student must check with the admissions department at the college to which he or she intends to transfer the credits.)

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The "Core Coursework Transfer Agreement 2020-2021”  establishes the hours of coursework acceptable for transfer that satisfies the fulfillment of General Studies requirements. In total, at least 64 and no more than 72 hours of credit completed at community colleges or branch colleges in the West Virginia state systems of higher education shall be transferable to any baccalaureate degree-granting institution in the state systems.

The hours of coursework that are acceptable as counting toward fulfillment of General Studies requirements are as follows:

  • English Composition – 6 hours
  • Communication and Literature – 6 hours (Speech/oral communication – 3 hours, literature – 3 hours)
  • Mathematics – 3 - 5 hours (College math including general math, algebra, trigonometry, or calculus)
  • Natural Science – 8 – 10 hours (Laboratory science including biology, chemistry, geology, physics or physical science)
  • Social Science – 9 hours (History, political science, psychology, sociology or economics with no more than three hours from any area)

Courses acceptable from each institution are outlined in the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) Core Transfer Agreement Policy. Contact Monica Wilson, Dean of Student Access and Success, for detailed information, or check the HEPC Academic Affairs and the HEPC Rules & Policies pages.

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Please Note: In addition to the regular credit transfer policies and procedures outlined above, please see Eastern's Special Transfer Options webpage for information about some specific colleges and universities with which Eastern maintains special partnership transfer agreements.