Academic Advisors are individuals who provide counseling and guidance to assist you with your academic goals and choices. Advisors give information about degrees, majors, and courses. These individuals also provide support and answer questions you may have. We recommend that you work closely with your advisor as you work toward your education goals. Advising can help you achieve your educational and career goals by providing information, guidance and assistance throughout your time at Eastern.

List of Advisors:


Name Title Telephone Extension
Bolyard, Chip Director of Institutional & Student Advancement (WVInvests) 9261
Chandler, Nikki Faculty (Math) 9244
Colebank, Kristen Faculty (IT) & Online Program Coordinator 9266
Hakala, Curtis Dean of Teaching & Learning  9238
Koontz, Lacey Student Program Advisor 9248
Landis, Jill Director of Nursing  9265
Layton, Debi TANF Instructional Specialist 9242
McGee, Joe Faculty (English) 9232
Michael, Sherry Education Programs Coordinator  9264
Mirkhani, Seyed Division Chair for Business, Computer & IT 9259
Murphy, Shirley Faculty (Business) 9274
Oliverio, Amo Faculty (Science) 9263
Phillips, Dominic Division Chair for General Education 9271
Shockey, Melissa Program Manager Workforce Education 9253
Wilson, Monica  Dean of Student Access & Success  9235