Guidelines for Student Clubs & Organizations

Guidelines for Promotional Materials for Student Clubs & Organizations

Promotional materials include flyers, signs, posters, handouts, t-shirts, web graphics and similar items.

Submit a project request form to our communications department if:

  • Use of the Eastern WVCTC logo is required on any print or electronic promotional piece.
  • The piece will be distributed off campus.
  • The piece will be on display/distributed for more than one month.
  • The club or organization would like its own logo designed.

Please note: Your club or organization does not have to have a budget in order to request a project be produced.

Official Eastern WVCTC Student Clubs and Organizations have permission to create their own materials if:

  • The piece does not include the Eastern WVCTC logo.
  • The piece will only be distributed on Eastern WVCTC main campus or Distance Learning Sites.
  • The piece will only be distributed or on display for less than one month.
  • The piece is brought to the office of marketing and communications (contact info listed below) for approval prior to distribution.

Please note: If the promotional piece meets the bottom criteria, but the club or organization still wants to have the college design and print the item, please submit a project request form three weeks in advance.

Project Request Form - Download

Things to keep in mind:

  • Printed flyers and handouts are not always the best way to reach your audience. Often, the student lounge and other areas become cluttered, and the message gets lost. If you have a series of upcoming events, it may be best to create a flyer with a schedule of all of the upcoming events rather than a separate piece for each event.
  • We can assist your club or organization with getting the word out about events or recruiting new members.
  • The on-campus TV monitors, the college’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and other media are available and can be good ways to get your message out. Contact marketing and communications (below) for assistance.
  • If a promotional piece needs designed by the college’s marketing department, a project request form must be submitted three weeks in advance. We recommend submitting the request at least one month prior to an upcoming event to allow time to promote after the piece is produced.


Contact Monica Wilson by email or by calling 304-434-8000