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Eastern is now offering Agribusiness Courses! These courses can be taken individually or as part of Eastern’s Business Management AAS Degree with an Emphasis in Agribusiness, with direct and elective transferability to WVU. These courses are a perfect first step for an aspiring Agribusiness major but are also available for experienced or beginning agriculturalists.

"Eastern’s Agribusiness initiatives have become an integral part of the college’s mission and a keystone in forming partnerships with local businesses. From management and marketing to tourism and entrepreneurship, Eastern has a collection of courses, taught by great instructors,  geared towards anyone interested in learning more about agribusiness." – Curtis Hakala, Eastern’s Dean of Teaching and Learning.

  • +Agritourism Enterprise Management

    As part of the Associate Degree in Business Management, Eastern invites you to enroll in Agritourism Enterprise Management starting this Fall! During this two-day-a-week course, you’ll have the chance to learn about holistic business planning and risk management concepts for agritourism and farm based education operations. This course is designed for students and community partners to improve concepts and principles to better plan and manage agritourism ventures, their trends, and risk and crisis management. This course will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience as it will be co-taught by Dr. Dee Singh-Knights (WVU Extension) and Ms. Cindy Martel (retired WVDA agritourism expert).

    Course Time: MW 5:00 – 6:15 PM

  • +Introduction to Agribusiness

    As part of the Associate Degree in Business Management, Eastern invites you to experience Introduction to Agribusiness starting this Fall! During this one day a week course, you’ll have the chance to engage and learn about types of agribusiness models, what it takes to be a successful business planner, learn how to improve management with record keeping, financing, policies and government services as well as commodity and international marketing.

    Course Time: F 12:00 – 1:00 PM

  • +Introduction to Agribusiness Marketing

    As part of the Associate Degree in Business Management, Eastern is offering Introduction to Agribusiness Marketing. During this course you’ll learn how to analyze food marketing systems and be able to create your own business marketing plan for your enterprise. Additionally, you’ll learn how to build your brand and target audiences that provide return on investment within the production, consumption, retail and wholesale sectors.

    Course Time: MW 5:00 – 6:15 PM

  • +Introduction to Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

    As part of the Associate Degree in Business Management, Eastern invites you to experience Introduction to Agribusiness Entrepreneurship starting this Fall! Develop strengths in business and financial planning, learn about private, state and federal programs for loan procurement, financial assistance, and small business guidance. Learn insight from featured agriculturalists who have developed agricultural enterprises within the Potomac Highlands Region.

    Course Time: MW 6:30 – 7:45 PM


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Trainings & Certifications

Upcoming Ag Innovation Trainings

Join the Potomac Highlands Producers Food Co-op for these free virtual trainings on innovative approaches to agriculture from Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College and its partners. All trainings are held on Zoom, with call-in options available for those with poor internet connections. For assistance in registering, contact Amanda West at or (304) 703-2380.

March 9 Let's Talk About Farm Accounting with a South Branch Valley Farmer CPA Donna Alexander, CPA, CFE. Hosted by West Virginia State University at 6:00 PM.  Register here

March 10 Pricing Your Products: More Than Breaking Even Covers pricing meat, produce, and value-added products with Joy Bauman and Christy Welch from the Ohio State University at 7:00 PM. Register here.

March 30 Growing for Craft Beverages. Learn what products local craft beverage makers need for their products with Paul Jackson of Smooth Ambler Distillery, Amanda West of West-Whitehill Winery, and Brooke Glover of Swilled Dog Cidery at 6:00 PM. Register here.

April 14 Benefit from SNAP & SNAP Stretch. Receive SNAP and matching dollar SNAP Stretch payments and tap into a new group of customers; with West Virginia Farm and Food Coalition at 7:00 PM. Register here.

April 28 Financing Your Farm Operation. Learn about available financing mechanisms with representatives from FSA, and other financial institutions at 7:00 PM. Register here.

Click here for more information about the Potomac Highlands Producers Co-op.

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