Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship Resources


Eastern has provided agriculture-related workshops and trainings for the past several years and continues to foster innovation and agriculture for the youth in the Potomac Highlands including the annual Ag Innovation Showcase and statewide Ag Innovation Challenge. Eastern has also worked closely with producers and farmers and has led to the creation of the Potomac Highlands Food Co-op. There are also courses available to obtain an emphasis in Agribusiness for students of any age.

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  • +Ag Action Council

    In an effort to increase economic diversification for the region’s farmers, growers and producers, IREED created the Ag Action Council (AAC). The AAC focuses on empowering entrepreneurship in the community by directly working with the region’s farmers, growers, WVU extension agents, USDA, restaurants, retail and wholesale buyers, educators, and other agriculture related entities. The AAC has initiated collaborative efforts to create greater income opportunities for regional foods.

    The Ag Action Council grew in membership and activity, while there is a consistent council that meets, new members cycle into the group. The Ag Action Council is comprised of regional, farmers, entrepreneurs, WV Dept. of Agriculture, Students, educators, FFA Instructors and business owners. The group brings together different areas of interest and opens up the discussion of what exactly is needed in the region. The basis for Eastern’s workshops and Agriculture programs are a direct result of input from the Ag Action Council.

    To be added to the Ag Action Council email list serve, please email

  • +Ag Innovation Showcase & WV Ag Technology & Innovation Challenge

    Ag Innovation Showcase

    This event gives secondary students the chance to network with specialists in the field and share their creative ideas related to solving challenges in agriculture. Students are able to attend educational sessions presented by representatives from various organizations, including WVU Extension, the Farm Credit Knowledge Center, and other state, local, public, and private ag organizations and businesses.

    WV Agriculture Technology & Innovation Student Challenge

    The WV Ag Catalyst Team comprised of the WV Department of Education, Robert C. Byrd Institute, West Virginia Department of Agriculture and Eastern WV Community and Technical College is proud to announce the WV Ag Technology and Innovation Challenge. The Challenge is a competition for students to develop solutions for issues faced in agriculture using innovation in the form of technology, problem solving, and new application. The goal is to foster innovation and excitement among West Virginia’s youth and improve agricultural opportunities in West Virginia.

    Ag Challenge Categories include:

    • Agribusiness Systems
    • Plant Systems
    • Animal Systems
    • Environmental and Natural Resources Management Systems
    • Power, Structural and Technical Systems
    • Food Products and Processing Systems

    The innovation developed must pertain to one of the categories listed above. Innovation is defined as introducing a new idea, device, method – simply put the introduction to something new related to on-farm needs, an SAE, or simulated workplace.

    For more information about the 2021 WV Ag Innovation Showcase & WV Ag Technology & Innovation Challenge, email or call 304-434-8000 ext. 9231.

  • +Apprenticeships In Motion (AIM) Grant Coordinator

    The Apprenticeships In Motion (AIM) Grant Coordinator, Ms. Asala Willis, assigned to the regional counties served by Eastern WV CTC. The AIM Grant is a (DOL-ETA) federally funded program awarded to the WV Community and Technical College System to scale apprenticeships throughout WV in Information Technology (IT) based occupations.

    Working in collaboration with regional business & industry partners, the Apprenticeship Coordinator connects Eastern WV CTC students enrolled in Information Technology (IT) training and education programs to apprenticeship opportunities. Following the state’s workforce initiative model, Learn & Earn, AIM supports companies with a 50-50 wage match to mentor and provide an on-the-job cooperative learning experience while students receive tuition assistance, valuable work experience and career advancing skills. The Apprenticeship Coordinator also assists companies to secure customized technical instruction to increase the skills of incumbent workers to fill middle and high skilled jobs, creating a talent pipeline.

    By leveraging federal dollars through the AIM Grant, the Apprenticeship Coordinator will help employers seeking a skilled IT workforce in Eastern WV through apprenticeship.

    To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact Asala Willis ( Apprenticeship Coordinator-East or Nancy Ligus (, Director of Workforce & Economic Development for the WV Community & Technical College System.

  • +Eastern's Virtual Agriculture Business Coach

    Coaching has been one of the single most important components in assistance entrepreneurs take their business venture to the next level. To schedule an appointment with Eastern’s Virtual Agriculture Business Coach, email

  • +IREED New Biz Launchpad

    The Institute of the Rural Entrepreneurship and Economic Development New Biz Launchpad located in Moorefield, will support Eastern’s culture of innovation and expand upon the capabilities and services. In 2016, action steps were outlined in a Potomac Highlands Entrepreneurship Economic Feasibility Study funded by the Claude Benedum Foundation. The economic strategies and action steps outlined in the study include a focus on Agriculture to sustain relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and provide a collective strategy for building institutional and community capital for development stated, Dr. Megan Webb, Eastern’s Dean of Advancement & Innovation

    Located at: 108 South Fork Road, Suite 201
    Moorefield, WV 26836

    To learn more about the Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, visit their webpage

  • +Potomac Highlands Food Co-operative

    Learn more about the Potomac Highlands Food Co-operative click here.

    To schedule a visit to meet with the Food Co-op Coordinator email,

  • +Small Business Development Coaches

    Eastern works closely with the WV Small Business Development Center Coaches to assist small businesses in the Potomac Highlands Region connect with one-on-one coaching, training, and facilitation.

    To identify a Small Business Development Coach near you, click here