Entrepreneurship Incubator

Founded in 2011 with a Higher Education Partnership grant from the Dominion Foundation, Eastern’s Entrepreneurship Incubator seeks to foster the development of an entrepreneurial culture in the Potomac Highlands.

With a combination of academic and workforce educational programming, and special resource sharing, the college looks for the people and communities of the Potomac Highlands to develop themselves from within, through an emphasis on entrepreneurship and small business.

Located at Eastern's Moorefield Resource Center, the Incubator presently includes:

  • The Entrepreneurship Resource Bank: textbooks, additional book and article references, Website referrals and computer software designed to
    • increase the knowledge of staff, students, and community members interested in entrepreneurship;
    • expand their entrepreneurial capabilities;
    • and support their entrepreneurial activities.
  • The Online Business GuideBook: provides, in a very readable and accessible format, public education on how to start and grow an online business.
  • "JourneyPage" - A Virtual Business Incubator: access to an online resource that helps budding entrepreneurs focus their ideas, concertize their goals and achieve progress towards their realization.
  • Computer resources: both a desktop and a laptop computer, with dedicated software and a dedicated printer/copier/scanner, all open to and available for members of the public pursuing entrepreneurial goals;
  • both computers are pre-loaded with special software especially important for small business start-ups and entrepreneurial activities: Business Plan Pro, Marketing Plan Pro, and QuickBooks software;
  • Both computers offer installed direct access to a large public library system’s eBook collection, as well as to its eBook reader.
  • Eastern's Entrepreneurship Incubator Facilitator/Coach: available to work with any community member seeking to design and launch an entrepreneurial project
  • COMEETS program — College Outreach to MicroEnterprise: Evaluating Technology Solutions: through which student volunteer evaluation and support teams (VESTs) may become involved with a community member engaged in small business; under supervision of Eastern faculty, student teams will visit with area small businesses and entrepreneurs for the specific purpose of evaluating the potential that computerized business technologies might offer those enterprises.

For more information on how to make use of Eastern's Entrepreneurship Incubator, please contact Shirley Murphy, Eastern's Incubator Facilitator/Coach: 304-434-8000 ext. 232.

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