Workforce Financial Aid

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  • Step 1

    Online Trainings:  

    Melissa Shockey
    Program Coordinator Senior
    304-434-8000 Ext. 9253


  • Step 2
    How do I pay?
    You may qualify for up to $2000 towards tuition!
    • Go to to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for both federal and state financial aid.
    • Complete your Eastern HEAPS Application
    • Look into America's Promise 220 grants as a funding source
    • Eastern will contact you to let you know your eligibility
      Online Trainings:
    • Select the class you want
    • Checkout
      Follow directions for payment
  • Step 3
    Need additional funding?
    • DHHR
      Grant: 304-257-4211
      Hampshire: 304-822-6900
      Hardy: 304-538-2391
      Mineral: 304-788-4150
      Pendleton: 304-358-2305
      Tucker: 304-478-3212
    • WV Division of Rehabilitation Services
      Keyser, WV: 304-788-2313
      Romney, WV: 304-822-3957
      Moorefield, WV: 304-538-2701
    • Region VII Workforce Development
      Phone: 304-530-3917
      151 Robert C. Byrd Industrial Park Rd, Moorefield, WV
    • HEAPS
      Melissa Shockey
      Moorefield, WV:304-434-8000 ext. 9253
    • FAFSA
      Financial Aid Office
      Moorefield, WV:304-434-8000
    America's Promise 220
    LeeAnn Shreve
    Moorefield, WV:304-434-8000 ext 9260