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We think you will find everything you need to succeed here at Eastern! We are structured to service a multitude of students- Read below and see what makes you a perfect fit! 

Enrollment for Fall and Winter 2018 is open. Classes start Aug 13th! Contact us today to start the application process!;

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Are you a High School Senior?
We know you’re bombarded with information from colleges and universities. Check us out before you make a decision. We have small classes, incredible instructors at the top of their game, and you can get the first two years of a bachelor’s degree finished at a low cost or train for a career and start earning money. We have a perfect study area and WIFI on campus for all your study needs!
You can also take classes at Eastern before you graduate, get college credit, and be a step ahead. 
Are you a High School Junior?
Did you know that you can take classes here at Eastern while you’re still in high school and earn college credit? Get a step ahead and start college now. Why wait?
We have a perfect study area and WIFI on campus for all your study needs!
Are you a parent with questions about college and Eastern?
You’ve come to the right place. Here are some things about Eastern:
You will save money. Your child can start here and earn the first two years of their bachelor’s degree then transfer to WVU, Potomac State, Marshall, name it. And they’ll do it with a lot less debt than their friends.
You child will be in small classes taught by faculty with real world experience. 
Our support services are second-to-none. Tutoring, counseling, study sessions…everything your high school graduate needs to succeed.
Are you an adult looking to upgrade your skills or train for a new career?
Here at Eastern you can earn college credit for prior learning and work experience. Just think, the work you’ve done or military service can earn you credit. How cool is that? 
Don’t be left out. We’re growing and we’d love to have you be part of the exciting things happening here. It’s an honor to be the college of the Potomac Highlands region. 
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