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Eastern recognizes that as an adult you already have a wealth of experience and learning. If you have already earned transcripted credit at another college, it is more than likely that you can transfer those credits to your Eastern transcript.

It is also possible that some of your non-college prior learning experiences can be applied towards credits for your college degree. In addition to credit awarded for courses transferred from other institutions, students may earn credit through challenge examinations, military training, portfolio evaluation of experiential learning and non-collegiate based professional training. 

Students can earn college credit for previous work and learning by taking a standardized CLEP College Level Examination Program test that evaluates and documents learning in a range of subjects. (Eastern also enthusiastically welcomes students who bring results from the DSST/DANTES--a military service-connected program.) Students can further add to their credit total towards an Eastern degree with appropriate documentation of professional training.

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Credit is awarded to students who can demonstrate that the learning and skills they have acquired from job experience, independent and/or non-classroom study, even private reading and personal hobbies, etc., are equivalent to the learning outcomes expected for equivalent courses at the College. This credit may reduce the time required to complete a degree.

For those who can demonstrate and document non-classroom, experiential life-learning, and who wish to transcript equivalent college credit for that learning, the WV Board of Governors Adult Completion Degree, might prove especially interesting.

TESS (Transfer Equivalency Self-Service)

Quickly see how classes taken at previous institutions will transfer.  Eastern's Transfer Equivalency Self-Service tool (TESS), has been designed to assist prospective students in discovering how courses taken at other institutions will transfer and can be used to earn a degree at Eastern.  TESS is not official and should only be used as a guide to help you understand how your classes may transfer and apply to degree requirements.  By answering a short series of questions about classes you have already taken, the report created can be used as a guide to help you understand how transfer classes would apply to a degree program at Eastern.

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So, why not give yourself a little credit? You deserve it!

For more information about how to transcript credit for non-academic prior learning experiences, contact Eastern's Dean of Student Access and Success, Monica Wilson, in the Moorefield Center (304-434-8000; or 877-982-2322: ext. 9235).