Online Book Ordering

Click here for Printable Copy of Ordering Instructions.

If you have any problems with any order, please contact: Alex Blanchi, Book Store Manager, at: 1&storeId=38551&catalogId=10001.

  1. Visit our bookstore partner's (WV Northern Community College) Book Order Page. (You may also access the online Order Form at:  and then choose "Textbooks" from the menu bar.)
  2. Under “Find Your Course Materials" choose the term for which you are purchasing textbooks in the "select term" box, (for classes starting in August 2016, you will need to choose the Fall 2016 term).
  3. Under the "Department", you will need to select the department for which you are purchasing textbooks. Please refer to the 3-letter department abbreviation found on your course registration form.
  4. Under the "Course”, select the correct course number. Please refer to your course registration form for this information.
  5. Under the "Section”, select the correct section number. Courses having more than one section for the same course, should select “ALL” as the designation.  Please refer to your course registration form for this information.
  6. If you have additional courses for which you are purchasing books, repeat steps 2 - 6.  If you are ordering textbooks for more than four courses, click “Add More Courses” at the bottom of the course list.
  7. Next, click the “Find Materials” red button.
  8. You will now see a listing of all needed textbooks for each course you have specified. Please note that texts will be listed as "required" or occasionally as "recommended". The titles listed as required are those that are definitely needed for your course. The recommended titles are suggested as useful supplemental study materials, although not required to be purchased.
  9. On the right side of the book list, the “Select Format” Option” allows you to choose from a series of options including “Buy Used”, “Buy New”, “Rent Used” and “Rent New”. If you are ready to purchase your books, click "Add Items To Cart", and your shopping cart will appear for each book.
  10. Under "Textbooks Change", you may change your order or request updates by clicking the “Edit” link that appears on the top left for each text; or you may click Checkout to make your purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The shopping cart will show the order total with new textbook prices only. If you indicated that you would prefer used textbooks to new textbooks, we will fill your order with used textbooks if they are available. You will receive a confirming e-mail when your order is shipped indicating which titles were available as used textbooks and the final dollar amount of your order.


Contact Seyed Mirkhani, Eastern's Division Chair for Business, Computer and Information Technology, at 304-434-8000 or