Transfer/Partnership Programs

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College offers partnership programs and courses with accredited colleges and universities in West Virginia, and the Electronic Campus of the Southern Regional Electronic Board (SREB).

Through these partnerships, Eastern is able to provide a variety of learning and transfer opportunities. Eastern works closely with other colleges to assure maximum transferability of course credits for baccalaureate degrees. (See Eastern’s “Transfer Your Credits” webpage.)

The College provides coordinated support in admissions, advisement, registration and shared technology through its unique partnerships and programming. Students are able to earn credit for courses offered through distance delivery systems such as on-line courses, video distance learning courses and traditional college courses. 

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Contact Monica Wilson at 304-434-8000, or toll-free: 877-982-2322. for current information.

Here are some colleges and universities with which Eastern maintains specific, ongoing transfer partnerships:

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  • West Virginia State University logo
  • Shepherd University
  • Marshall University logo
  • Davis & Elkins College
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  • Bellevue University


West Virginia University BA Pathway

   BA Pathway Multidisciplinary Studies at WVU:

  • The Multidisciplinary Degree (MDS) allows students great flexibility in designing their own bachelor's degree.
  • Working with an advisor, students select three minors (instead of one major) to design a degree that best meets their career goals.
  • Students must demonstrate — again, working with an advisor — how these minors work together toward their educational and/or career goals.


Potomac State College

American Public University

  • Students who received a transfer Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree from Eastern on or after May 1, 2011, and enrolled at APU into an eligible Baccalaureate degree without selecting a concurrent minor or certificate, can receive a full block transfer of their degree credit, and APU will grant them junior (third-year) status.
  • Eastern students earning junior status under this transfer agreement may not receive any other transfer credit from APU. (Outside of the block transfer, a student will not receive course credit to fulfill any specific course requirements, regardless of what specific courses he or she previously completed.)
  • Even if they completed some their previous courses at other institutions, Eastern students are eligible for this block transfer agreement so long as Eastern granted an eligible degree, and so long as the student is eligible for the transfer as described above.


Franklin University

   Transferring to Franklin is easy with its partnership 3+1 Articulation Agreements 

  • Franklin is well-known for being a "transfer-friendly" institution. (In fact, more than 90% of Franklin students transfer credits from other institutions.)
  • Franklin accepts more of a student's community college credits than most other institutions, which saves time and money toward the 4-year degree.
  • Start: Earn the associate's degree from Eastern. All of the Eastern associate degree credits transfer toward a bachelor's degree at Franklin University.
  • Next: Apply to Franklin and ask Eastern to send official transcripts to receive an official transfer credit evaluation.
  • Then: register to take Franklin's Learning Strategies Course (PF 3210).
  • Finish: Finish the bachelor's degree by either:
    • taking additional community college transfer courses and Franklin courses at the same time, or
    • taking courses completely online, on campus at Franklin University, or a combination of both.


Strayer University

  • Strayer guarantees admission to all Eastern students who graduate with an associate’s degree and a GPA of at least 2.0, and who are applying to a related degree program.
  • Eastern students who have completed their associate degree, or who will complete it by the time they enroll at Strayer, do not have to pay an application fee.
  • Strayer will articulate into the bachelor’s degree all courses required by Eastern to complete the student’s associate degree, and will accept a maximum of 84 semester credit hours (126 quarter hours) as transfer credit under this partnership.
  • Eastern students who have completed an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree will have met all of Strayer’s lower division general education requirements, but Strayer may require a student who has not completed a pre-requisite for any specific upper level course (300 or 400 level) to take the pre-requisite.
  • Strayer may independently evaluate credits earned through Advanced Placement (AP), the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and similar programs, as well as credits earned at institutions other than Eastern. But in any case, Strayer will honor these and other credits for Prior Learning Activity if previously awarded by Eastern as part of the associate degree program.
  • From Strayer’s website homepage, students can learn more about transferring their Eastern credits towards a 4-year degree through one of three options:
    • Chat online with a Strayer representative.
    • Fill in a web-based Request Information Form, and a Strayer representative will be in touch.
    • By toll-free telephone: 888-311-0355.

West Virginia State University

Shepherd University

Marshall University

Davis & Elkins College

Fairmont State University

  • Upon satisfactory completion of the Associate of Science degree in Nursing at Eastern WV Community and Technical College and after fulfillment of Fairmont State University admission and course placement requirements, students may transfer into the BSN Program at Fairmont State University

Bellevue University

Southern New Hampshire University

Aspen University

Baccalaureate Transfer Program

Students interested in obtaining a Bachelor's degree can begin working on their educational goals at Eastern by completing a transfer program.

These programs are designed as university parallel programs with flexibility to customize the curriculum to meet the requirements of the baccalaureate institution.

Students successfully completing the requirements of these programs are awarded the Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.) or Associate in Science Degree (A.S.) . Course objectives are designed to enable students to transfer credits. (See: "WV Core Coursework Transfer Agreement”.)

For more information about any of these special partnership programs, and other transfer options, please contact Monica Wilson at 304-434-8000, or toll-free: 877-982-2322.

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