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The Key to Growth-Transformational Change

"Transformational Change:

A shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization has used in the past. A transformational change is designed to be organization-wide and is enacted over a period of time."

I believe individuals can experience transformational change when they obtain new skills through education.  Time does not limit skill development, only the inability to act.  We have the option to acquire new skills throughout our lifetime, some skill acquisition is short-term, and others require a longer commitment of time and practice.   Education and skill development can transform lives and assist with living the American Dream.

Ok, maybe you believe I am biased as a President of a community and technical college.   Fortunately, I have 32 years of experience meeting students who completed skill sets and/or a certificate and/or a degree and witnessed a transformational change in their lives because of education.   It is very real. It is transformational.

That is why I chose "The Key to Growth-Transformational Change" as the theme for 2018-2019 at Eastern.  I encourage you to consider the transformation education can make and the opportunities at Eastern.

I believe it is equally important for Eastern to practice what it preaches.  Eastern’s goal this year is to implement transformational changes in its courses, programs and workforce opportunities.   Transformation will also be visible with the application of renewable energy practices and other innovative facility improvements at the Moorefield campus and Petersburg Technology Center.    

Let us take a transformational journey together!  It will be an exciting year of growth! 

Dr. T

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Dr. Chuck Terrell, President & "Head Coach" 

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