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Making a SMART Investment

A West Virginia Invests (WVInvests) bill was introduced, passed and signed by the Governor during the 2019 West Virginia Legislative session. This is sometimes referenced as the free community college tuition bill providing West Virginians greater access to higher education through eligible programs offered at West Virginia community colleges. My community college career has spanned over three decades and this recent action demonstrates the state’s vision that an educated workforce in West Virginia is a smart investment.

The steps to start an educational journey at Eastern are easy and college staff are available to assist you with taking the first important step. I am asking you, are you ready to make a smart investment with your time, commitment and endurance to start an educational journey that will provide the foundation for a career pathway?

Education and career development is a lifelong journey. YOU have access to grants and resources to help with college tuition, providing an opportunity to graduate with a certificate or degree without debt. West Virginia and Eastern are eager and ready to invest in you. Are you ready?

If you are ready to invest in your future, get connected with Eastern. Education is a smart investment that will provide great dividends as you continue your lifelong journey. Go for it!

Dr. T

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Dr. Chuck Terrell, President & "Head Coach" 

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