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Eastern is interested in your comments about our service to you. We want to know when we are doing things correctly, and when we may need to review and make corrections. Please feel free to complete the following form to voice your opinions—positive or negative: 

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Student Grievance:

Students have the right to appeal final course grades which they believe reflect an error in calculation, recording or report; capricious, arbitrary, or prejudiced academic evaluation; or reflect discrimination based on race, sex, age, handicap, veteran status, religion or creed, sexual orientation, color, or national origin.  The grade appealed shall remain in effect until the appeal procedure is completed or the problem resolved.

Formal Student Complaints:   All formal, written complaints regarding any unit of the college will be logged in the office of the Dean of Student Access and Success along with the actions taken to resolve the complaint.

Student Handbook

Board of Governors Policy 4.6 Student Complaints

Out of State Complaint Resolution

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