Board Regulations

Administrative Regulations are developed as operational processes, and in many instances, they support policies. (Forms related to the regulations are not included.)
Hard copies of regulations and associated forms are available for review in the Resource Center at Eastern WV Community & Technical College’s main campus, 316 Eastern Drive, Moorefield, WV 26836.
The proposed regulation(s) listed immediately below are available for 14 days for public comment.
Eastern's Board of Governors has officially approved and adopted the following regulations:
Please direct any comments to Dr. Charles Terrell, Eastern's president
AR-3.0 Academic/Instructional Policies

AR-3.1 Brokered Credit Course Selection and Approval Process
AR-3.2 Workforce Education Program Type Definition and Participant Classification (rev. 09-25-12) ]
AR-3.3 Laboratory Facility Evaluation and Approval
AR-3.4 Faculty Instructional Evaluation - rev.7-6-17
AR-3.5 Course Substitution Waiver Regulation (rev.10-29-15) 
AR-3.6 Schedule Development & Production
AR-3.7 Curriculum Design and Recommendation (rev. 06-06-16)
AR-3.8 Course Syllabus Regulation (rev. April 2019) 
AR-3.9 Special Topics Course Regulation_(rev._04-05-16) 
AR-3.10 General Education Course Designation
AR-3.11 Requirements for Student Enrollment in the College Success Course (rev. January 2018)
AR 3.12: Instructional Workload Regulation (rev. 100813)
AR 3.13: WV EDGE Course Review Process 
AR 3.14: Developmental Course Requirements for Certificate Programs and Skill Sets 
     [Please note: Administrative Regulation 3.14 was terminated March 22, 2016.]    
AR 3.15: Administrative Withdrawal  
     [Please note: Administrative Regulation 3.15 was terminated January 8, 2013.]    
AR-3.16: Academic Standing Regulation (rev. April 2019)   
AR 3.17: General Education Regulation (rev. 01-09-15)
AR 3.19 Online Course-Design Approval and Monitoring (new May 2019)

BP-8.0 Miscellaneous