Board Policies

Eastern Policies

The policies listed immediately below are available for 30 days for public comment.


Please send any comments to: Dr. Charles Terrell, Eastern's president.


Eastern's Board of Governors has officially approved and adopted
the following policies:

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BP-2.0 Policy Framework 

BP-2.1 Prime Policy (rev. August 2019)
BP 2.2 Board of Governors Organization and Meetings (rev. April 2019)

BP-3.0 Academic/Instructional Policies 

BP-3.1 Grade Point Average for Associate Degrees [Please Note: This policy terminated as of 1/18/12 by Board of Governors.]
BP-3.2 Awarding of Undergraduate Fee Waivers (rev. August 2019) 
BP-3.3 Submission of Proposals for New Academic Programs (rev. August 2019) 
           New Academic Programs Form 1 
           New Academic Programs Form 2 
BP-3.4 Standards and Requirements for Admission (rev. January 2018)
BP-3.5 Pre-matriculations Requirements for Measles and Rubella Immunizations - rev. 1-18-17 
BP-3.6 General Education Curriculum (replaced by Administrative Regulation 3.17
BP-3.7 Acceptance of Advanced Placement Credit - rev. 01-18-17
BP-3.8 Academic Honors (rev. January 2018)
BP-3.9 Administrative Withdrawal (replaced by Administrative Regulation 3.15
BP-3.10 Catalog Adherence (rev. April 2019) 
BP-3.11 Compliance with Military Selective Service Act (rev. 7/20/2016) 
BP-3.12 Graduation Requirements (rev. August 2019)  
BP-3.13 Awarding of Credit Through Assessment of Prior Learning 
BP-3.14 Standards for the Awarding Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 
BP-3.15 Assessment of Student Academic Achievement  - rev. 7-6-17
BP-3.16 Instructional Workload 
BP- 3.17 Academic Program Review 
BP-3.18 Required Instructional Time for Campus Administrators (rev. 10-24-18) 
BP-3.19 Academic Forgiveness 
BP-3.20: Copyright, Intellectual Property and Fair Use 
BP-3.21 Credit Hour Policy (rev. 06-07-13)

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BP-4.0 Learner Services Policies

BP-4.2 Student and Academic Rights* (rev. 09.13.17)
BP-4.3 Student Rights and Responsibilities*  (rev. 09.13.17)
BP-4.4 On Campus Credit Card Solicitation and Marketing 
BP-4.5 Student Privacy (rev. April 2019) 
BP 4-6 Student Complaints (rev. 09-13-17)    
BP-4.7 Ten Credit for Web Course Enrollment Rule  [Please note: Board Policy 4.7 was terminated August 12, 2014.]

BP-5.0 Personnel Policies

BP-5.1 Sexual Harassment 
BP-5.2 Sabbatical Leave 
BP-5.3 Holidays 
BP-5.4 Staff Development 
BP-5.5 Faculty Development* 
BP-5.6 Classified Employees 
BP-5.7 Employee Leave 
BP-5.8 Ethics 
BP-5.9 Personnel Administration 
BP-5.10 Salary Plan 
BP-5.11 External Employment and Entrepreneurship Reporting 
BP-5.12 Access to Personnel Files 
BP-5.13 Academic Rank for Fulltime Faculty 
BP 5.14: Salary Schedule for Full-time Faculty Policy (rev.07-17-13) 
BP-5.15 Adjunct Faculty Policy
BP-5.16 Employing & Evaluating Presidents & Emergency Succession (new April 2019)

BP-6.0 General Administrative Policies

BP-6.1 Change in the Organization of Administrative Units 
BP-6.2 Naming or Renaming of Buildings or Organizational Units 
BP-6.3 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus 
BP-6.4 Use of Institutional Facilities 
BP-6.5 Appropriate Computer Usage 
BP-6.6 Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action (rev. April 2019) 
BP-6.7 Freedom of Information (rev. August 2019) 
BP-6.8 Safety and Loss Control Prevention 
BP-6.9 Hiring of Related Parties Policy (rev. August 2019) 
BP-6.10 Tobacco Free Campus Policy  
BP-6.11 Firearms Weapons  Explosives Policy 
BP-6.12 Military Student Withdrawal 
BP-6.13 Security of Information Technology  

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BP-7.0 Fiscal Policies

BP-7.1 Reduced Tuition and Fee Program for State Residents Age 65 and Older 
BP-7.2 Assessment, Payment and Refund of Fees 
BP-7.4 Audits 
BP-7.5 Travel Management (rev. 05-20-15)  
BP-7.6 Financial Reserves and Year End Fund Balance 
BP-7.7 Accounts Receivable Management 
BP-7.8 Depreciation 
BP-7.9 Management of Student Accounts Receivables 
BP-7.10 Gifts Received 
BP-7.11 Disposal of Surplus or Obsolete Materials, Supplies and Equipment 
BP-7.12 Purchasing Card 
BP -7.13: Textbook Policy Revised-01-18-17 
BP-7.14 Capital Projects Policy.....Approved


BP-8.0 Miscellaneous Policies


WV State Higher Education Policies

WV Council for Community and Technical College Education Rules and Policies
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WV Higher Education Policy Commission Rules and Policies
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