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13-week 'Open entry/Open exit' Online Course:
Students Choose Their Starting Date

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QuickBooks Overview

To achieve and sustain success, every small business must maintain a thorough understanding and ongoing awareness of its financial resources and conditions by keeping up-to-date track of income and expenses through effective accounting. To simplify those chores and challenges, QuickBooks accounting software “remains the top small-business accounting program” — and “its guidance for novices is top-notch” — according to, an online center for technology information and reviews.

Whatever your business does, whatever product it provides or service it performs, QuickBooks lets you handle all of your basic accounting tasks with ease:

  • create  and maintain databases of customer and vendor histories and information
  • create invoices and statements for billing
  • streamline ordering and shipping
  • record payments from customers
  • write checks for accounts payable
  • reckon and maintain inventory status
  • calculate job costs
  • prepare estimates
  • reconcile checkbooks
  • generate reports for tax purposes

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Course Description

Small business owners and employees who wish to harness the power of QuickBooks can take advantage of Eastern’s new, “open entry/open exit” ‘Online QuickBooks’ course. The class runs for 13 weeks, and students can choose their starting date.

Key Features:

  • Covers QuickBooks Pro 2010’s basic and advanced concepts
  • Provides step-by-step method that couples instruction with hands-on practice
  • Emphasizes task-oriented focus that builds skills
  • Offers sample real-life small business situations for every lesson and QuickBook feature that lets learners use QuickBooks to resolve common business problems 

The course uses Trisha Hakola’s QuickBooks Pro 2010: Essentials (Mastery Series) as its instruction book, which describes as:

  • “Written for beginning learners with a practical, hands-on approach
  • No prior accounting background required
  • Concepts are treated concisely and are followed by immediate hands-on learning”


For more information, or to register, contact Sherry Watts; or call her at 1-877-982-2322.

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