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With The New Online Trainings Catalog, Eastern offers online training affordable, accessible, flexible, self-paced, online certificate training programs for the latest, in-demand job skills in an “anytime/anywhere” learning format.

All of these courses include a Training Assessment Manager to help guide learners through the entire process — from pre-enrollment to course completion.

For more information, see The Online Trainings FAQs (frequently-asked questions) [<-- click here to open]

Available Fields of Learning 

To read more about the courses available through The New Online Trainings Catalog, <-- click here, or on the catalog link above or on the fields of learning links below. You can begin the enrollment process directly from the courses you find or using the red, sideways 'Ask a Question' feature on the tab at the far left of the Online Training webpages..


At a desk, a learner's hands on a calculator with a computer screen open in the background (courtesy pixabay.com)


 Accounting and Finance (37 Courses)


A group of leaders in shadow in  line across the stage standing in front of a back-lit image of the Earth (courtesy Gerd Altmann)


 Business and Leadership (3 Courses)



Two students with coffee at computers taking notes (courtesy pixabay.com)


 Education and Personal Development (11 Courses)


Three healthcare technicians (courtesy hhs-healthscience.wikispaces.com)

 Healthcare and Allied Health (21 Courses) 


A row of 3 wind turbines towering over a solar panel array next to a garden of wild flowers (courtesy now.wikispaces.com)


 Green and Renewable Energy (50 Courses)  

A dozen male and female skilled tradespersons  (courtesy msamc.org.)

 Industrial and Skilled Trades (25 Courses)


The back of a man's head as he sits at a computer in a computer lab (courtesy wikipedia)
A reflective, repeating image within image on concentric laptop screens of a receding parallel line of trees (courtesy mywebume.xanga.com)


 Multimedia and Graphic Design (35 Courses)

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A human arm, bathed in a heavenly illumination and covered with lines and symbols like an electronics schematic, reaches down from a computer screen that mirrors the schematic, and extends the hand’s index finger towards a keyboard set in front of the screen (courtesy news.euspert.com)

 Technology and Computer Programs (120 Courses)

A person's torso and hands holding the scales of justice and a judge's gavel

 Legal and Criminal Justice (7 Courses)



A FEMA worker distributing information brochures to a resident (courtesy Michael Medina-Latorre_FEMA Photo Library_Public domain_wikimedia commons)

 Spanish in the Workplace (14 Courses) 








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