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Become A Cosmetologist Program Pricing for Adult Students Cutting Edge Hair Design Clinic Services

Poster for Eastern's Cutting Edge School of Hair Design

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 Pricing for Eastern’s Adult Students

Adults interested in the Cosmetology trainings at South Branch Career and Technical Center should contact Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s Workforce Education Department to enroll.  The fee schedule is as follows: 

                Training                                                                                Cost of Training

  • Hair Stylist Training consisting of 1,000 hours                             $ 7,000
    • Estimated cost for the Hair Stylist  Kit & supplies             $    300  (Paid  to SBCTC)
  • Nail Technician Training @ 400 hours                                          $ 2,800
    • Estimated cost for the Nail Kit and Supplies                      $    500 (Paid to SBCTC)
  • Aesthetics(skin care) Technician @ 600 hours                          $ 4,200
    • Estimated cost for the Aesthetics Kit and supplies           $     600 (Paid to SBCTC)
  • Full Cosmetology Training consisting of 1,800 hours                $12,600
    • Estimated cost for kits and supplies                                  $  1,000  (Paid to SBCTC)

Students who have obtained Cosmetology training hours through another provider can complete their training by contacting the College. They will need to:

  • Provide a transcript showing previous hours of training
  • Take a test administered by Eastern Faculty to determine their skill level
    • (EWVCTC Faculty will have authorization to accept the outside hours obtained, but may also reject portions of previous training hours.)
  • Make arrangements to pay tuition of $7 per hour for all remaining hours of training required to complete their desired training program
  • Obtain training hours via the schedule of times provided by EWVCTC Faculty 

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Cuting Edge Hair Design Clinic: Prices for Services

Cutting Edge Salon Services Price List


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