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Let's Dance 2016! Children & Youth 'Once Upon A Dance'

Pride and joy flushed the faces of the appreciative audience at Moorefield High School on April 16, 2016, as a 66-dancer ensemble, pre-Kindergarteners to teens, graced the boards in shimmery, sparkling gear, with performances that shined even brighter than their costumes. The Center Stage Dancers’ recital presentation of “Once Upon A Dance,” unveiled to family, friends and community the bounty of their hard work, rehearsal hours and artistic learning in Eastern’s 2015-2016 recreational dance program.

Eastern’s Community Education recreational dance program, designed and directed by Missy Shockey for youth ages 3 and up, offers professional instruction in ballet, jazz, and creative movement. A joint venture with the Hardy County Wellness Center, the class meets weekly from August through April. Participants learn and practice the art of dance in a friendly, low-key social setting.

To enroll your child in the 2016-2017 dance program, and for more information, call 304-434-8000, ext. 9253.

Guy & Dolls 

Guys & Dolls: a group of eight young female dancers,ebullient in pink and black, surround a young smiling male Danseur in white shirt and black bow-tie

Guy & Dolls (from left):
Front row: Isabella Barger, Delanie Wolfe;
Middle row: Kinsley Crites, Hannah Griffith, Liam Hennessey, Melody Baker;  
Back row: Abigail Nettles, Kendra Helmick, Kalithia Keplinger

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Showstoppers: eight poised and confident girls, smashing in strapless black frocks

Showstoppers (from left):
Front row: Rebecca Rao, Sterling Kump, Sydney Riggleman, Allissa Biser;
Back row: Marissa Simmons, Makenzie Keplinger, Hailey Biser, Amber Riggleman 


Rockin' Girlz

Rockin' Girlz: Four young women brandishing Kali sticks, ready for dance in camo tops and black pants

Rockin' Girlz (from left): Marissa Simmons, Hailey Biser, Shannon Shockey, Sydney Riggleman

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Sweethearts: 12 young ladies, resplendent in deep purple tu-tus, complete with purple half-gloves and sparkly tops

Sweethearts (from left): Front row: Caitlin Walters, Brylee Reel, Danica Wolfe, Kate Combs, Desiree Wimer;  
Middle row: Sydney Lancaster, Reece Sites, Brenna See, Demi Arbaugh;  
Back row: Karli Crites, Madalyn Ketterman, Rylee Branson 


Dancing Divas

Dancin' Divas: Nine young ladies, charmingly balanced and beautiful, in green and turquoise tu-tus

Dancing Divas (from left):
Front row: Emma Ludwig, Blair Weese;
Middle row: Grace Mallow, Ryen Sites, Grayce Ketterman;
Back row: Taleah Sapin, Taylor Strawderman, Stori Ketterman, Rayne Metzer

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Showstoppers II 

Showstoppers II: Eight lovely lasses in lilac & lavender spaghetti-stapped tu-tus

Showstoppers II (from left):
Front row: Amber Riggleman, Sydney Riggleman, Allissa Biser;
Middle row: Sterling Kump, Rebecca Rao; 
Back row: Hailey Biser, Makenzie Keplinger, Marissa Simmons 


Rising Stars

Rising Stars: One brave young bandelero in black with a shiny colored vest stands with seven heavenly female hoofers in sky-blue tu-tus and shiny multi-colored tops

Rising Stars (from left):
Front row: Addison Miley, Claudia Fitzwater, Lelia Brafford;
Back row: Madelynn Vetter, Chloe Champ, Rafe Hennessey, Jenna Ludwig, Lillie Taylor 

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The Entertainers

The Entertainers: 14 enchanting dancers in spaghetti-strapped crimson tu-tus and crimson feathered headdresses

The Entertainers (from left):
Front row: Caroline Kump, Faith Snyder, Leah Jo Davis, Caroline Auville, Gracie Simmons, Abby Griffith;
Back row: Chloe Herron, Veronica Carr, Sydney Rumer, Korbin Keplinger, Madison Sherman, Amelia Caldwell, Mattia Auville, Harmony Thorn


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