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The Division of Workforce Education at Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College designs and delivers workforce education and training programs that help businesses and other organizations increase profits and productivity through employee skills enhancement. These programs also empower individual worker-learners to earn new opportunities that will enhance their quality of life and improve the overall standard of living for the Potomac Highlands Community we serve.


The Division develops and delivers customer-focused workforce education programs that are customized and tailored through partnerships with the businesses, organizations and individuals in the Potomac Highland communities we serve and are designed specifically for worker-learners in each of four broad categories of our service district's workforce:

  • Current Workforce
  • Emerging Workforce
  • Entrepreneurial Workforce
  • Transitional Workforce

These accessible, high quality education and training programs meet or exceed customer goals and expectations by preparing worker-learners to meet the current and future challenges of a global economy and technological workplace. Eastern helps worker-learners achieve personal and professional growth while enabling businesses and organizations to develop the employee skills, attitudes and knowledge that will enhance profits and productivity.


As an institution dedicated to public service and active participation in our local communities, Eastern's educational and training programs reflect the values and aspirations of those we serve.

Eastern's customer-centered attitude is the driving force behind the flexibility, convenience, innovation, responsiveness and timeliness of our world-class programs that ensure real benefit for our clients.

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Partnerships that promote mutual benefit and understanding are the central source for educational services that are responsive to community, business and individual needs; enhance quality of life; and support the workforce.

Since economic justice can best be achieved through free enterprise, all of Eastern's workforce education programs will include concepts of entrepreneurship, customer service and/or other relevant business related issues.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of all positive human interactions, including business and work relationships. Eastern defines communication as a skill set including reading, speaking and listening, writing, computation, problem solving, decision making, reasoning and some technical skills, especially those involving computers. We believe that improving communication is often the key to improving productivity, and our program content and design will reflect that belief.

Eastern recognizes and celebrates the dignity, capability and uniqueness of the worker-learners who participate in our educational and training opportunities. We seek to help these individuals maximize their own sense of dignity and self worth.

Businesses (and other organizations), like individuals, are unique and have different needs that require a customized approach to the design and delivery of business training solutions.

Great care will be taken in the planning and implementation of instructional technology to ensure that only the most appropriate technologies are employed for respective programs and participants. Only well-designed technology will be used, and only when it will improve accessibility to programs or otherwise enhance the learning experience.

A commitment to continuous quality improvement motivates Eastern's pursuit of excellence through thorough evaluation methods rooted in customer expectations. Evaluation design will determine the level of actual skill transfer to the workplace as well as the bottom line impact on the client organization.

As an advocate of lifelong learning and lifelong learners, Eastern is committed to being a model learning organization in which all stakeholders are engaged in stimulating learning activities that promote personal and professional growth.

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As the recognized leader in the Potomac Highlands for workforce education programming, Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College's Division of Workforce Education is a catalyst for community and economic development through the design and delivery of education and training opportunities for worker-learners in the area's current, emerging, transitional and entrepreneurial workforces.

Our programs set the standard for excellence in customer service, program design, instructional facilitation and evaluation, which designates Eastern as the provider of choice for all businesses, organizations and individuals in our service area.

Because of Eastern's effective use of appropriate technology and creative use of financial, physical, human and other resources, distance and time are not considered barriers to accessibility of education and training opportunities for people and organizations in the Potomac Highlands.


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