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Spring & Summer Specials

Special Spring Events and Summer Events:

Eastern's Spring 2013 Exravaganza Poster

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Eastern’s Spring 2013  Extravaganza

Family activities and fun!

  • Face Painting, Baloon
    Sculpting, Kids "Travel Around the World"!
  • Dance Recital!
  • Motorcycle Cruise-in (get your hog on)!
  • More than 20 merchants & shops!
  • Make-up, jewelry, cash and carry items, charities, wood-work, home-made crafts, sweets and more!
  • The BEST ham sandwiches in the state!
  • Photographic Portraits!
  • Blood Pressure Reading!

April 27: 10:00 - AM - 2:00 PM at
Eastern WV Community and Technical College


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Celebrate the Family:
June  18 - June 19

  • Minds in Motion: "Where Frustration Ends and Potential Begins"
  • An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics, causes, therapies & strategies
  • Working Successfully with Individuals Who Exhibit Challenging Behaviors: Management & interventions
  • Addictions in WV: Personal & family impacts; strategies
  • Wise Guys: Better decision-making techniques for young males
  • Reducing the Risks: Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, HIV and STD
  • (And especially for Professionals: CEUs and STARS)

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Celebrate the Family Poster: June 18-June 19 (Mom, Dad and three young boys)-link to Celebrate The Family 2013 webpage

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