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The Arts Society of Eastern Students provides Eastern students with a creative outlet. Whether your particular interest is short stories, poetry, essays, photography or other original art, the Arts Society invites all students to join....

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SGA Activities/Events


Come one, come all to our next SGA meetings!
Monday, March 17, 11:00 am  Resource Center, Moorefield*
Monday, April 14, 11:00 am  Resource Center, Moorefield* 
Come share your ideas for new student activities at Eastern.
And get your Activity Card punched!
[*indicates activity eligible for Activity Card Punch(es)



Student Activity Cards: win cool prizes! 
[an * next to an activity indicates that it is eligible for Activity Card Punch(es)]

Every student receives one card at the first eligible event they attend during the academic year.

  1. Students receive a certain number of punches for each eligible activity they attend or participate in.
  2. Once a student’s card is filled with 10 punches, he/she receives a new one.
  3. Prizes are awarded for punches as follows:
  • 10 punches (1 card): Flash Drive
  • 20 punches: Cooler
  • 30 punche: Messenger Bag
  • 40 punches: Custom Sweatshirt from Eastern Store 
  • 50 punches: Nook (or similar tablet/reader)  

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President’s & Valentine’s Jeopardy*,  10 am, Feb. 13, Resource Center  

Relay for Life: Longaberger Basket Bingo, American Legion March 1, 5 pm, American Legion Hall 

  • $5 off pre-registration ticket: deadline to buy pre-registration tickets: Wed., Feb. 26
  • Pre-Registered ticket holders qualify for special drawing - Collector’s Club Basket
  • See this flyer for pre-registration and more information
  • To benefit the United To Empower Relay for Life Team   

Pizza with the President, Resource Center, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, March 5  

Undecided Student Major & Transfer Workshop, Autumn Perry, CFWV, March 19  

Appalachian Cultural Interactive Presentation, 10:15 am – 11:45 am, March 16*  

Jeopardy, April 9*  

Appalachian Cultural Interactive PresentationMiss Ilene Evans portrayal of Coralie Franklin Cook
                         1 pm – 2:30 pm, April 18*  

Art Show, April  25*  

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Extravaganza, April  26*  

SGA Disney Movie, May 2*


2012 Tornado Disaster Relief Drive  

household goods and debris piled up on collapsed building stuctures in Denniston, Kentucky March 2 2012 after tornado

The tornados that slashed through our neighboring state Kentucky early in 2012 left devastation and disaster in its wake. Eastern's S.G.A., in partnership with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, invited students and the general public to drop off needed relief supplies at  the Donation Station in the college's Moorefield Center lobby. It turned out to be a very successful relief effort. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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Chili Cook-off: We came! We salivated! We savoured!

Relay for Life Chili Cook-off   [←Click for Chili Cook-Off Photo Gallery]

Huge thanks to Eastern Students, Staff and Faculty for supporting SGA’s Tailgater & Chili Cook-Off November 3, 2011. We raised $111 for Relay for Life!

1st Place – Davida Quinn's Mystery Chili
2nd Place – Krissy Heavener's Chuck Norris Oatmeal
3rd Place – Joyce Combs' Chili La Joy


Eastern SGA In-The-News

Eastern SGA Leads Holiday Food Drive-from the Moorefield Examiner, 12/01/10 [←Click here]


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Eastern's Constitution Bowl

  "We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
--Preamble of the US Constitution


   Benjamin Franklin, moderator  

 Host & Moderator: "Benjamin Franklin"  
Sept. 17, 11 am – 1 pm*
Resource Center, Moorefield Campus 
Sign-up your TEAM! Earn Activity Card Punch(es)! 
Prepare for the 2014 Bowl with these Resources [←click here] 

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2013 Constitution Bowl Champs: 
The Young Americans for Liberty, a team of four Eastern students, defeated all other contenders for the Constitution Bowl title in the 2013 Constitution Jeopardy question-and-answer face-off, September 17.

The 4-student 'Young Americans for Liberty' team pose in front of the contest scoreboard with moderator "Ben Franklin" after their victory in the 2013 Constitution Bowl.

From left: Drew Constable, Dawn Lockard, Chris Windley, and Darrin Brininger, the four 'Young Americans for Liberty,' pose with moderator 'Ben Franklin' (whom many say looks like Dean Robert 'Buck' Eagle's kissing cousin).


2012 Constitution Bowl Champs: 
At last year’s Constitution Bowl, the Federalists, a four-woman team, beat out Foghorn Leghorn and four other teams in a hotly-contested, Jeopardy-style, question-and-answer face-off that annually marks Constitution Day at Eastern WV Community and Technical College.


Student “Federalists” Constitution Bowl team with moderator


Shown from left, standing: Kimbra Chirchirillo Kimbra Chirchirillo Kimbra Chirchirillo, Keturah Whetzel and moderator Benjamin Franklin; seated, from left: Rebecca Mifflin and Laura Mongold.

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2011: A team of four Early Entrance students, all seniors at Moorefield High School (dubbed the‘Moorefield Mavericks’) competed against two other student teams (known as the ‘Fiery Framers' and the 'Cunning Constitutionalists') to demonstrate  superior knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution in response to rapid-fire questions from moderator Ben Franklin.

The 'Moorefield Mavericks' emerged victorious (and won Feridies canned nuts, donated by the Daughters of the American Revolution-South Branch Valley Chapter):


The 'Moorefield Mavericks' won Eastern's 2011 Consitution Bowl Sept. 15

Seated, the 'Moorefield Mavericks' team, 2011 Constitution Bowl Champs:
(from left) Shannon Combs; Justin Fitzwater; Langley Sayers; Kevin Judy. 
Standing (from left): Bowl Judge Dave Jones, American History instructor, Eastern;
Benjamin Franklin, host and moderator; Bowl Judge Ward Malcolm, Dean of Career, Technical and Workforce Education.


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US Constitution Preamble

Click here ↑ to download US Constitution [340 KB]
used with permission of the National Constitution Center  

“Our Constitution’s Framers were willing to risk everything they owned, even their own lives, to give us the great treasure that is our nation and our form of government. Each of us has an obligation to hand that treasure on to future generations intact and strong and secure.”
— the late WV Senator Robert C. Byrd
(longest-serving senator in US history, whose 2004 legislation established Constitution Day as
an annual observance of national reflection and celebration)


Constitution Bowl Links

To learn more about the U.S. Constitution, and to prepare for next year's Bowl, you may find interesting facts and background about the Constitution at the following links: 

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"Just the Facts: Untied States Constitution"

This extraordinary production combines the insight of American Political Science experts on the interpretation of The Constitution with live action and documentary photography to explain and amplify the most important document we have in American society. Its fast-paced style makes learning about the document that remains the law of the land exciting and fun.


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