Eastern students can obtain both official and unofficial transcripts. Most transcript requests are serviced through Southern WV Community and Technical College.

Official Transcripts:

(Download Transcript Request Form)

Students may need an official transcript for transfer, employment or other reasons. There is no charge for the first official transcript a student requests; and a $5.00 processing fee for each additional official transcript.

To get official transcripts students must download the Transcript Request Form fill it out, and mail it to:

Monica Wilson, Dean of Student Access and Success 
316 Eastern Drive
Moorefield, WV 26836

Or call Monica Wilson at 304-434-8000; or 877-982-2322;  ext. 9235.

The written request must include: the student's nameaddressSocial Security Number (or Student ID Number), telephone number and signature, as well as the mailing information for the location to which the student wishes the transcript to be sent.

Eastern will send an official transcript — printed on special security paper, signed by the appropriate college official, and delivered in a sealed envelope — to the office or destination indicated on the official request form. (A minimal administrative fee may apply.)

For questions or concerns, please contact Monica Wilson, Dean of Student Access and Success 

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Unofficial Transcripts:

Students may obtain free, unlimited, unofficial copies of their transcripts from the Web [currently serviced through Southern WV Community and Technical College].

To obtain an unofficial copy of your student transcript, follow the steps described below :

1. Log on to the Eastern Academic Records Service's new link
             [at ]

2. Click on "Enter Secure Area"

3. Type in your User ID (usually begins with "S000")

4. Type in your PIN (your birthday in six digits -- for example, October 10, 1970 would be 101070)

5. Click on "Student and Financial Aid Info"

6. Click on "Student Records"

7. Click on "Academic Transcripts" for an unofficial student web transcript. If you have any problems or questions, please direct them to Monica Wilson by phone 304-434-8000; or toll free 877-982-2322; or by e-mail

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