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Student Handbook


Download the 2015-16 Student Handbook (2.9 MB, pdf : revised Dec., 2015)

Download the 2013-14 Student Handbook (1.98 MB, pdf)

Download the 2012-13 Student Handbook (1 MB, pdf)

Download the 2011-12 Student Handbook (2 MB, pdf)

Download the 2010-11 Student Handbook (2 MB, pdf)

Download the 2009-10 Student Handbook (1.47 MB, pdf)

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Open Door: Eastern subscribes to an "open door" admissions policy and welcomes all adults wishing to continue their education. Admission classification may vary given unique circumstances:...
Eastern is currently the most affordable Community and Technical College within the state of West Virginia. Tuition is only ...
A superior Student Services Department has become the hallmark of the learning experience at Eastern....