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Online Book Ordering

Click here for Printable Copy of Ordering Instructions.

If you have any problems with any order, please contact: Dean George, Bookstore Manager.

(For information on the Bookstore's Return Policyplease click here →:  http://wvncc.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBRefundsView?langId=-1&storeId=38551&catalogId=10001.)

  1. Visit our bookstore partner's (WV Northern Community College) Book Order Page.(You may also access the online Order Form at: http://www.wvncc.bkstore.com/ and then choose "Textbooks" from the menu bar that runs along the top of the page.)
  2. Under "Step One: Find Your Course" choose the term for which you are
    purchasing textbooks in the "select term" box, (for classes starting in January 2015,
    you will need to choose the Spring 2015 term).
  3. Under the "select your department" tab, you will need to the select the department
    for which you are purchasing textbooks. Please refer to the 3-letter department
    abbreviation found on your course registration form.
  4. Under the "select course number" tab, select the correct course number. Please
    refer to your course registration form for this information. (Please note: If you are looking at the course schedule, the course number is not the "CRN" number, but rather the first three digits of the "Course/Section" number.)
  5. Under the "select section number" tab, select the correct section number. Please
    refer to your course registration form for this information. [PLEASE NOTE: Some courses have different sections. The bookstore is set up to specify sections, but some of the books will have "ALL" for section instead of A12, A11, A13, etc. In case your section is not listed individually, you may choose "ALL."]
  6. Next, click "Add Course." The term, course and section you have specified will
    appear in the "Step Two: Review Your Courses" box.
  7. If you have additional courses for which you are purchasing books, repeat steps
    2 - 6. If you are ready to purchase your textbook(s), select "View Textbook List" in
    the "Step Two: Review Your Courses" box.
  8. You will now see a listing of all needed textbooks for each course you have
    specified. Please note that texts will be listed as "required" or "recommended". 
    The titles listed as required are those that are definitely needed for your course. The
    recommended titles are suggested as useful supplemental study materials, although
    not required to be purchased.
  9. At the bottom of the course-and-book list, the screen now allows you to choose
    from a series of options. If you are ready to purchase your books, click "Add To Cart"
    and your your shopping cart will appear for each book, select whether you wish to
    purchase a new or used textbook by checking the appropriate boxes beside the
    textbook titles.
  10. Under "Textbooks Change" you may process your order or request updates in
    course materials, or for only the required course materials. Whichever option you
    choose, you must also check the "I understand the amount I am charged may be
    different if course materials are changed box."
  11. At this point you may "Continue Shopping," "Update Cart," "Clear Cart" or
  12. After reviewing your shopping cart to ensure accuracy, click on the "Checkout"
    option of the shopping cart. On the new page that appears, complete the
    information about yourself in the "Guest Checkout." Then, click "Continue."
  13. Choose either "Store Pickup" or "Shipping Method" by checking the appropriate
    box. If you plan to pick-up your order at a store, choose the store. If you want the
    books shipped, fill in your shipping address and choose a shipping method.
  14. Under "Payment" and then "Credit Card," complete the credit card information;
    OR if you are using financial aid to purchase textbooks, under "Student Financial
    Aid" AND "Student ID", enter your student ID number in the
    box provided. Then, click "Continue."
  15. Finally, click on "Verify Order" and once you are satisfied with its contents, click
    on the "Submit Order" box.

PLEASE NOTE: The shopping cart will show the order total with new textbook prices only. If you indicated that you would prefer used textbooks to new textbooks, we will fill your order with used textbooks if they are available. You will receive a confirming e-mail when your order is shipped indicating which titles were available as used textbooks and the final dollar amount of your order.


Contact Seyed Mirkhani, Eastern's Division Chair for Business, Computer and Information Technology, at 304-434-8000 or mirkhani@eastern.wvnet.edu.

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