Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to continue its partnership with the West Virginia Northern Community College Bookstore as the textbook supplier.

(The WVNCC Bookstore, located in Wheeling, West Virginia, is owned and operated by Barnes and Noble College Booksellers. Barnes and Noble currently serves the students at the WVNCC Wheeling, Weirton, and New Martinsville West Virginia campuses, and they are excited to welcome Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College to the operation.)

Textbooks will be available for purchase by numerous means, and all orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt from the Wheeling, WV location.

Textbooks can be purchased:

  • via our secure website at (and then choose "Textbooks" from the menu bar)
  • by U.S. mail or fax using our textbook reservation form
  • by calling the bookstore directly

We will be equipped to accept student financial aid awards for textbook purchases for those who are eligible. Purchases may also be paid by check or credit card.

(For information on the Bookstore's Return Policyplease click here →:

Textbook Information Disclosure

Eastern WV Community and Technical College seeks to provide up-to-date information about required and recommended textbooks as early and as thoroughly as practicable.
In some cases, that information may not yet be available and so is still ‘To Be Determined'.

All parties can access all available textbook information, through the following procedure:

  1. Note the name, section and the department code of the course for which you seek information.
  2. Note the semester and year of the course.
  3. Click this link to -->Bookstore Information Wizard.
  4. Under "Step One: Find Your Course" choose the term for which you are purchasing textbooks in the "select term" box, (for classes starting in August 2014, you will need to choose the Fall 2014 term).
  5. Under the "select course number" tab, select the correct course number. Please refer to your course registration form for this information. (Please note: If you are looking at the course schedule, the course number is not the "CRN" number, but rather the first three digits of the "Course/Section" number.)
  6. Under the "select section number" tab, select the correct section number. Please refer to your course registration form for this information. [PLEASE NOTE: Some courses have different sections. The bookstore is set up to specify sections, but some of the books will have "ALL" for section instead of A12, A11, A13, etc. In case your section is not listed individually, you may choose "ALL."]
  7. Next, click "Add Course." The term, course and section you have specified will appear in the "Step Two: Review Your Courses" box. 
  8. If you have additional courses for which you are purchasing books, repeat steps 2 - 6. Select "View Textbook List" in the "Step Two: Review Your Courses" box.
  9. You will now see a listing of all needed textbooks for each course you have specified, and have access to all available information about textbooks for that course. A window titled "Your Course Materials" will open providing book titles, prices and ISBN numbers, and also indicating whether the book is required or recommended. Please note that texts will be listed as "required" or "recommended". The titles listed as required are those that are definitely needed for your course. The recommended titles are suggested as useful supplemental study materials, although not required to be purchased.
  10. PLEASE NOTE: For all courses, books may be purchased or obtained-new or used-from any seller or source.

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