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Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies

Technical Studies

Technical Studies Approved Partnerships

The Associate in Applied Science degree in Technical Studies is designed for students participating in college level education and training programs sponsored by business, industry, government agencies, labor organizations or other professional organizations.

  • Component I: General Education Core (21+ credit hours)
  • Component II: Technical Core (39 credit hours maximum)
  • Component III: Technical/Occupational Specialty (39 credit hours maximum)
  • Component IV: On-the-Job-Training (12 credit hours maximum)
  • Total Credit Hours in Program: 60 - 72

Technical Studies Approved Partnerships include:

Industrial Maintenance: South Branch Career and Technical Center (Adult Division)-- Contact Ward Malcolm, Dean for Career, Technical, and Workforce Education (1-877-982-2322; or 304-434-8000) 

Residential Care Specialist, Special Needs Children: WV Schools for the Deaf and the Blind-- Contact Deb Backus, Division Chair for General Education, Health, and Education: 1-877-982-2322; or 304-434-8000.

Child Development Certificate (CDA)-- Contact Deb Backus, Interim Dean for Academics: 1-877-982-2322; or 304-434-8000.

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