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WV Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education Program (A.B.E.)

A.B.E. Notes:

GED testing:

  • 2013 Test: The Hardy and Grant County A.B.E. programs are no longer accepting candidates for 2013 high school equivalency diploma testing: Registration is closed.
    Those already registered to take the test shall do so December 12 and 13 at the South Branch Career and Technical Center in Pertersburg.
  • 2014 TASC Test (replaces GED ®  in WV to earn a WV High School Equivalency Diploma): For  the A.B.E. program's high school equivalency test preparation (2014 test), folks may still be referred anytime during regular program hours.


  • Hardy County:
    • Dec. 13 - Last day for fall semester students
    • Jan. 13: Classes resume
    • Instructor:  Vera Shockey 304-434-8000 or 1-877-982-2322
  • Grant County:
    • Dec. 17 Last day for fall semester students
    • Jan. 13: Classes resume
    •  Instructor:  Amanda Barger 304-257-1277

Click for information about West Virginia college scholarships for high school equivalency diploma graduates. 


Adult Basic Education (A.B.E.) services provide adults with educational opportunities to improve basic literacy skills necessary to become self-sufficient and to participate effectively in the workplace, home, and community.
A.B.E. programs deliver instruction for:

  • TASC (replaces GED® in WV to earn a WV High School Equivalency Diploma) preparation;
  • improving basic academic skills such as reading, math and writing;
  • developing speaking and writing communication skills for ESL students.

Instruction is provided by qualified teachers in a conveniently located, supportive, and student-centered learning environment. All instructional services and materials are free.

A.B.E. Program Offerings:

  • Basic Skills Instruction (math, reading, writing)
  • Basic Computer Instruction: “On” Button: Introduction to the Personal Computer
  • Employment Skills Instruction: Job applications, resumes, cover letters, interviewing
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • English Language/Civics
  • TASC (replaces GED® in WV to earn a WV High School Equivalency Diploma)Test Preparation
  • Online Instruction (PLATO™ and KeyTrain® on-line software)
  • Preparation for college entrance
  • Test Preparation: WorkKeys™, Civil Service, ASVAB
  • Testing: TASC (replaces GED® in WVPractice Test; TABE testing
  • Tutoring (Basic Math (MTH 090, 095); Beginning Composition (ENL 099); Reading/Study Skills (RDG 090) 

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Eastern offers A.B.E. services in three counties (four locations) in the College’s service district (Grant, Hardy and Pendleton counties). The WV Department of Education also provides A.B.E. services in Hampshire, Mineral, and Tucker counties. For more information, contact an office near you or

Hardy County (At Eastern Campus, full-time program) 

Instructor, and referral contact: Vera Shockey 
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Thursday
Location: Eastern WV Community & Technical College
Phone: 304-434-8000 or 1-877-982-2322

Grant County (full-time program)

Instructor, and referral contact: Amanda Barger 
Hours: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Thursday
Location: Eastern WV Community & Technical College Technology Center, Petersburg, WV
Phone & fax: 304-257-1277

Pendleton County (Wednesday, 5:00-8:00 PM)

Contact Amanda Barger for referrals and information
Locations: Pendleton County High School (Eastern Discovery Center), Franklin, WV 26807
Phone: 304-257-1277 (contact phone)

ESL-Civics (part-time program) T & R 5:00-7:00 PM

Instructor, and referral contact: Cynthia Walters
Location: Hardy County Library, Moorefield, WV 26836
Phone: 304-897-5641

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