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President's Welcome

 "Message from the President": Picture of President Terrell with honorary title of 'Head Coach'

Dear Eastern Community,

At Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College, the administration, staff, faculty, graduates and current students believe that our school is a great place to Discover Your Potential* — and we’ve embraced that phrase as our motto. For twenty-six years I have believed in the democratic open door access of community colleges providing citizens open access to higher education. However, that approach alone has produced a student success rate that is too low for us to be content with. The challenge we face today is shifting our focus on student access to a commitment to access with student success and college completion.

Of course, our renewed commitment does not mean that faculty or staff can do the work for you: unsurprisingly, the formula for student success includes faithful attendance to class and attention to online assignments, as well as dedicated study habits.  At the same time, we are aware that learning something new, or seeking a certificate or degree, at first may seem intimidating. So I want to assure all students that at Eastern, the faculty, staff, administration and fellow students strive to create a friendly, welcoming, accepting, supportive and nurturing environment for every person who walks through the College doors.   Because when students are successful, we are successful.

So even if, as may be natural, your first steps at Eastern feel a bit tentative or uncertain — have no worry or fear. Ask us questions. Tell us about your interests and aspirations — and together we will chart the right learning pathway purposefully designed to lead you towards the achievement of your goals.

Eastern is an open-door and full-opportunity institution that is affordable. Our mission has not changed, but our focus on student success and college completers will be clearly defined and implemented:

“America’s exceptional dream consists of opportunity, community, and intergenerational upward mobility.” +

The Board of Governors, administrators, faculty and staff of Eastern are committed to keeping the American Dream alive in the Potomac Highlands.  Together, we will Discover Your Potential

Dr. Chuck Terrell, President 

*Webster’s dictionary defines discover as:

  • to gain knowledge of through observation or study;

  • to find or learn of, or observe for the first time.

And from the Latin root potent (meaning “power”), potential means:

  • existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality.

+AACC Report, “Reclaiming the American Dream” Report is available for download here: 

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