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A non-profit organization established in 2000, the Eastern West Virginia Community College Foundation's mission is to support Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College by helping to provide an accessible, quality education for traditional and non-traditional learners in the College's service area.

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What We Do

The Foundation receives private contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations, which then are managed and invested. The interest and dividends generated by the funds are used to benefit EWVCTC through support for the following:

  • Scholarships for talented, deserving students who otherwise would be unable to fulfill their dream of a college education
  • Industry-standard equipment and training models for students, which allows the College to offer training on equipment similar or identical to equipment required in the workplace
  • Gifts and contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible for the donor and can be made in the form of money, negotiable securities, charitable trusts, equipment, supplies or real estate. Donors can name the Foundation in estate planning and as a beneficiary of insurance policies. Memorial funds can be established through the Foundation on behalf of individuals and families.

Tax-deducible contributions may be mailed to:

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College
316 Eastern Drive
Moorefield, WV 26836

 MAP and Directions to Eastern's Moorefield Center

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Many Ways To Give 

There are many ways to give to the EWVCTC Foundation. Whether you give an unrestricted gift that will go to the area of greatest need, or make a specific gift to a program or scholarship, your gift will make a difference to the future of EWVCTC, its students, and our community.

Unrestricted Gifts — for use where the need is greatest

EWVCTC is a dynamic community college, and its priorities continually change to meet the needs of the community. Gifts with no stipulation as to purpose or use are unrestricted. Unrestricted gifts are needed to provide funding for areas of the College impacted by budget shortfalls and decreased funding. Such gifts give the College the maximum flexibility to respond to changing students', campus and community needs.

Restricted Gifts

Restricted gifts are those given for a specific purpose designated by the donor. 

Variety of Gift Forms

  • Cash: Gifts of cash are always welcome and may be used to fund restricted or unrestricted gifts.
  • Pledges: Pledges also be used to fund restricted or unrestricted gifts. Payable over five years, a pledge may also be used to fund a named endowment.
  • Stocks/Bonds: These gifts are transferred directly to the Educational Foundation investment firm, which will cash and invest the funds according to the Foundation's investment policy.
  • Marketable Property: Securities, real property, and saleable personal property.
  • Rights and Insurance: Royalties, copyrights, trademark rights, insurance policies, and naming the EWVCTC Foundation as a beneficiary.
  • Gifts-in-Kind: Any gifts that are to be used in the form in which they are given: art objects, books, equipment, services, etc.

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Eastern Foundation By-Laws and Administrative Procedures 

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